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O2 Media's Hit Morning TV Show "The Balancing Act" Welcomes Dr. Madhavi Kandula and Nicene Brands to the Program!

Please click the arrow to view Dr. Madhavi Kandula, dermatologist and expert on skin care, address the issue of "age spots" and other skin discoloration concerns on The Balancing Act TV show. View this segment that aired July 26th at 7:00 am (ET/PT) on Lifetime Television to hear Kandula talk about prevention and treatment of age spots, and how to use skin lightening or fade creams like Nicene Brands' Porcelana, an over-the-counter product that safely uses the same active ingredient as prescription-strength formulas.

Age spots are caused by sun exposure and tend to occur most frequently in places that get the most sun, like the back of the hands, the arms, and the face. You can get them at any age, but they can be prevented, Kandula explains, by using sun-screen and avoiding over-exposure. Once they have formed an effective skin lightener will be needed to reduce their appearance.

"Many people think that skin-lighteners are only for the elderly" Kandula says “or that they will produce drastic results like those of Sammy Sosa or Michael Jackson. This segment does a great job in dispelling those misconceptions and highlights Porcelana, a safe and effective product that has been trusted by Dermatologists for 30 years.”

When used as directed, Porcelana can be effective in treating all sorts of skin discolorations, including age spots/sun spots, blemishes, and discoloration due to acne, pregnancy or oral contraceptive use. At less than $10 for a 4-6 week supply, it is much easier on the wallet than other "designer" treatments. Porcelana can be found nationally in major stores such as Walgreens, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart.

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For more information on Porcelana and other Nicene Brand products view the skin care, oral care and body care sections of this website.

The Balancing Act

"Having Dr. Madhavi Kandula on 'The Balancing Act' has brought yet another great solution to women, one that will have a real impact, and help them balance their lives. This is the essence of solutions-based programming, and we are proud that we could bring this information to our viewers" says Doug Campbell, Founder and Executive VP of Programming for The Balancing Act. About The Balancing Act: The TV show airs on Lifetime Television at 7:00am (ET/PT) - and is America's premier morning show that’s about women, for women, and trusted by women. Celebrating life and all there is to accomplish, The Balancing Act inspires and empowers with entertaining and educational segments, placing women in the best position to achieve success in every area of their lives. For information or to view a show, visit For the show's newsletter go to For more details about The Balancing Act, LLC please visit parent company O2 Media Inc. at For Media-Marketing Relations, contact Limor Windt,, (954) 691-1102.

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